CHROME Club Meetings

It is important to hold regular CHROME meetings one or two times per month. The school schedule will determine whether or not CHROME meetings can be held during or after school or at lunchtime. School policy at all times supersedes recommended CHROME procedures.

CHROME meetings can be used for the following purposes:

  • College and Career Counseling – Representatives from professional engineering societies and industries could use this time to present career options and answer questions about choices and opportunities within the engineering profession. University and college representatives may be invited to speak about admission requirements and special college programs of interest to students. Information about resume writing, summer job application, and available summer programs could also be discussed. Videos from the CHROME Resource Library may also be utilized for this purpose. Use your Resource Directory often.
  • Organizing Field Trips – Students sign up for field trips and complete the necessary permission slips. Pre-trip plans and orientation and post–trip evaluations may be on the agenda of CHROME meetings. Often students are involved in selecting the field trip site(s) and raising funds, if necessary, for the trip(s).
  • Organizing Study Groups – Students should be encouraged to form study groups early-on. Cooperative learning is essential for the rigors of mathematics and science and college, and the encouragement of CHROME study groups should thereby erase the stigma, held by many, that study groups are for those needing remedial work.
  • Mini-Classes – CHROME Club meetings may be turned into mini-classes on computers, math contest problems, science fair project ideas, invention convention ideas or technical writing. Hands-on activities are encouraged.
  • Sharing Information – Students who participate in special programs should be encouraged to share their experiences, either formally or informally with the other CHROME club members. In addition to the information rewards, this will allow students the opportunity to practice and improve their speaking skills. Students may be assigned a project for presentation as well.
  • Communicating Special Opportunities – Club meetings should include sharing information with students regarding special programs or scholarship information. CHROME newsletters may be reproduced for this purpose.
  • Networking with other students – Students’ aspirations are reinforced by exposure to CHROME students at other schools. This may be accomplished by visits from other CHROME students (contemporaries or older CHROME students) and/or shared meetings or field trips with nearby CHROME clubs.
  • Planning Special Projects – CHROME clubs may choose to conduct projects that are engineering and science related. These may be individual club projects, such as a recycling effort related to environmental engineering, planning intraclub competitions, or participating as a team in an area or college-sponsored event.