How to Start a CHROME Club

Selection of Students

CHROME is designed for all females and students from the major ethnic minority groups which are underrepresented in engineering and other technical fields. Membership in CHROME is not exclusionary; students of all ethnicities may participate, including students with disabilities. The program is directed, however, towards students who already have an interest in math and science. The program is not intended to be remedial. Its purpose is to give students the information and preparation they need to keep their career and professional options open, recognizing the fact that entrance requirements for those wishing to pursue engineering, scientific, or technical degrees are more stringent than for all other disciplines.

Students are recruited for the CHROME program in several ways. Mathematics or science teachers may be asked to nominate students, guidance counselors may designate students based on test scores or interest, students may self-select by attending an information meeting, or CHROME students may bring interested candidates to the attention of their sponsors. Another approach would be to have students in mathematics classes to complete a questionnaire regarding prior math classes, college and career plans, and hobbies. However selected, those students (now identified as potential CHROME students) are invited to a special meeting where information about CHROME is presented along with an invitation to join.

Registration Process

Those expressing an interest in the program are given material about CHROME to take to their parents or guardians, along with all forms that require a parent or guardian’s signature. Data sheets for all students, whether new or continuing, must be completed and submitted to the CHROME office.

First Meeting

Set a time and place for first regular CHROME Club meeting. (You may wish to use this first meeting to allow students to get acquainted.) If you wish, and if scheduling permits, the Program Director will attend the initial meeting. Parents may also be invited to this meeting, or a special informational meeting for parents may be conducted at a later time.