Sponsor’s Responsibilities

CHROME club sponsors are responsible for planning and conducting the activities of their CHROME club. Clubs should meet at least once a month. Club meetings should consist of hands-on activities, a guest speaker, video, field trip or other enriching experience. Sponsors should plan for the year and use the CHROME resource guide as an aid in designing CHROME activities. This plan should be submitted to CHROME.

CHROME club sponsors should monitor the progress of their students. Checking with students (formally or informally) after report cards, discussion of problems with courses, and possible remediation may also be a part of a club meeting.

CHROME club sponsors should keep their students informed of area-wide opportunities provided by the CHROME organization. Distribution of materials for students sent from the CHROME organization to sponsors should be timely.

CHROME club sponsors should keep the CHROME organization informed of their activities. Sharing information with other clubs provides not only recognition for those students, but potential program ideas for other CHROME club sponsors. Articles should be submitted to the CHROME newsletter on a regular basis.

Student data should be submitted to CHROME by October 31st each year. All CHROME Clubs meeting this deadline will be entered into a special raffle at the STARS Picnic.

CHROME sponsors should submit monthly club activity reports to the CHROME office, and an end-of-year report prior to the ending of the school year. This report includes identifying where graduating seniors plan to attend college or rising ninth graders will be attending high school. High school sponsors assist graduating seniors completing and submitting senior reports to the central office.