Student Club Structure

Club structure is left to the individual sponsors, and at all times should reflect normal school procedures. If CHROME students choose to have officers, it is important to give students responsibility, but not to overload them to the extent that their academic performance suffers. This can be avoided by assigning tasks in a manner which distributes responsibility among the students elected as officers.

  • President – CHROME students view this office as carrying a high degree of responsibility, so it is wise to set standards for candidates, possibly reserving it for seniors with respectable grade point averages. The duties of the president could include recommending meeting agendas, chairing regular student meetings, working closely with the CHROME Club Sponsor to assist in coordinating all club activities, and supervising work assigned to other officers. Examples of items needing regular attention are: recording attendance; recording the return application, questionnaires, resumes or other forms which are distributed; disseminating information about workshops, field trips, conferences, summer jobs, summer programs and scholarships; aiding with the planning of CHROME Club social events.
  • Vice President – This office could be reserved for juniors with respectable grade point averages. This person would have the responsibility of acting in the absence of the president, and would be given responsibility for one or more tasks listed above.
  • Secretary – This officer may be assigned the record-keeping duties of the president, as well as recording the minutes of CHROME Club meetings. If two secretaries are elected, the aforementioned duties are those of the recording secretary. A correspondence secretary would write “thank you” letters to all CHROME Club speakers, volunteers, companies, and other individuals who have participated in the program in any way. CHROME letterhead can be duplicated for this purpose. This individual might also have the responsibility of reporting club activities to the CHROME office for publication in the CHROME newsletter.
  • Treasurer – This officer is responsible for the club funds, whether generated by dues (if used) or fund-raising activities. Records should be maintained for all income and expenditures.